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Deb Russell

Deb Russell

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Deb is now Principal of a school with over 500 students. She has taught math for many years in all grades and is passionate about students developing positive attitudes with math and reaching their potential.


Deb is an experienced teacher having taught both elementary, middle and high school students. Deb has presented many math professional development workshops to hundreds of teachers throughout her school board and educational jurisdiction. Deb has also been seconded to the ministry to support math implementation of key resources and materials. Deb has also written for text publishers and reviewed and provided feedback to core math text publishers.


Deb holds a BA, B.Ed., 2 Specialists as well as her principal's qualifications. Deb has been trained in numerous ministry initiatives to support numeracy.

By Deb Russell:

I love teaching and learning all about Mathematical concepts. As an educator, parent and math enthusiast, I'm committed to providing you with the best mathematical resources. A solid foundation in Mathematics can pave the way to success and is an important factor in many careers. The problem solving strategies required in math help prepare us for today's complex, information age. After all, it's the wealth of rich resources used appropriately that improves mathematical understanding.

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