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Teacher Resource: Brain Teasers That Make Kids Think!

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The Bottom Line

200 "quickie" classroom activities and reproducible worksheets to develop the thinking, reasoning and memory skills of elementary students. Typically in your classroom, you'll have some students finish activities before the others. This book from the Creative Teacher's Press offers quick and stimulating math learning moments.
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  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Curriculum Related Puzzles and Games
  • Extends Student Learning in Math


  • Not Suitable for High School
  • Mainly Brainteasers


  • Includes 80+ math puzzles, brain teasers and word plays to stimulate thinking and problem solving.
  • The activities are suitable for grades 3-8. Teachers will need to be selective for integration.
  • These activities are great to stimulate problem solving skills and higher level thinking.
  • Copy the activities onto the board for those students who complete work early. Use a point system!
  • Each activity or reproducible takes just 5 to 15 minutes and requires no prior preparation.
  • Turn spare minutes become prime learning time.

Guide Review - Teacher Resource: Brain Teasers That Make Kids Think!

This resource is one of those must haves. All too often when a student has completed his/her assignment, they're looking for the teacher to keep them busy. Getting into the routine of completing the brain booster, word puzzles or word plays makes excellent use of those often idle moments. These puzzles stimulate higher level thinking skills. A great response for students completing the activities would be to write a math journal about how they resolved the problem. Parents looking for ideas to support mathematical thinking at home will appreciate the many time saving activities here also.
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