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Math Glossary

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Calculus - The branch of mathematics involving derivatives and integrals. The study of motion in which changing values are studied.

Capacity - The amount a container will hold.

Centimeter - A measure of length. 2.5cm is approximately an inch. A metric unit of measurement.

Circumference - The complete distance around a circle or a square.

Chord - The segment which joins two points on a circle.

Coefficient - A factor of the term. x is the coefficient in the term x(a + b) or 3 is the coefficient in the term 3y.

Common Factors - A factor of two or more numbers. A number that will divide exactly into different numbers.

Complementary Angles - The two angles involved when the sum is 90°.

Composite Number - A composite number has at least one other factor aside from its own. A composite number cannot be a prime number.

Cone - A three dimensional shape with only one vertex, having a circular base.

Conic Section - The section formed by the intersection of a plane and a cone.

Constant - A value that doesn't change.

Coordinate - The ordered pair that states the location on a coordinate plane. Used to describe location and or position.

Congruent - Objects and figures that have the same size and shape. The shapes can be turned into one another with a flip, rotation or turn.

Cosine - The ratio of the length (in a right triangle) of the side adjacent to an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse

Cylinder - A Three dimensional shape with a parallel circle and each end and joined by a curved surface.


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