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1. Constant Rule:

If y = k, then y' = 0

The Derivative of a Constant is 0

If ƒ(x) = k for some constant k, then ƒ'(x) = 0

2. Power Rule

If y = x", then y' = nxn-1

If ƒ is a differentiable function, and if ƒ(x) = x", then ƒ'(x) = nxn-1 for any real number n

3. Exponential Rule:

If y = ex, then y' = ex

4. Logarithm Rule:

If y = 1n|x|, then y' = 1/x

5. Constant Times a Function Rule:

If y = kƒ, then y' = kf '

6. Sum Rule

If y = ƒ g, then y' = ƒ' g'

7. Product Rule

If y = ƒg, then y' = ƒg' ƒ' g

If ƒ and g are differentiable functions such that y = ƒ(x)g(x), then y' = ƒ(x)g' ƒ' (x)g(x)

8. Difference Rule

If y = ƒ - g, then y' = ƒ' - g'

9. Quotient Rule

To remember this formula: Simply remember that b comes before t in the alphabet Thus, the bottom function times the derivative of the top minus the top times the derivative of the bottom, all divided by the bottom squared!

10. Chain Rule:

If y is a differentiable function of u and u is a differentiable function of x and

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