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Definition and Explanation on Circle and Pie Graphs - Mathematics
The definition of a circle graphs or charts and when they are used.
Graphs and Charts: Worksheet # 2 Reading a Pie Graph
math worksheets graphs and charts free graphs and chart worksheets. Page 2. ... This worksheet focuses on interpreting information on a pie or circle graph.
How to Create and Format a Pie Chart in Excel
Since they show relative amounts, pie charts are useful for showing any data that displays the relative amounts of sub-categories against the total value - such ...
Excel Pie Chart Uses - Spreadsheets - About.com
Pie charts, or circle graphs as they are sometimes known, are used to show percents. This article covers what pie charts are and what they are used for.
Pie Charts in PowerPoint - Presentation Software - About.com
Important Note - In order to insert a pie chart onto a PowerPoint slide, you must have installed Excel 2010/2007 in addition to PowerPoint 2010/2007, (unless the  ...
Pie Chart - Excel 2003 Pie Chart Tutorial - Spreadsheets - About.com
This tutorial covers creating a pie chart in Microsoft Excel 2003. The tutorial includes a ... Spreadsheets . . . Excel Charts and Graphs · Excel Pie Chart Tutorials ...
What Are Pie Charts - Statistics - About.com
To graph qualitative data, one helpful way to depict it is to make a pie chart.
Adding Category Names and Rotating the Excel Pie Chart
Formatting Task Pane. The next few steps of the tutorial make use of the formatting task pane, which contains most of the formatting options available for charts.
Create a Pie Chart on a PowerPoint 2010 Slide
Use a pie chart on a PowerPoint slide to compare one type of data. ... Use PowerPoint Pie Charts to Display One Type of Data. Changes made to data are ...
Exploding a Pie Chart in Excel - Add Emphasis to Data - Spreadsheets
Explode out a single slice of a pie chart in Excel to emphasis important data. A step by step example is ... Excel Charts and Graphs · Excel 2003 Chart Tutorials ...
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