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Slope of a line - Mathematics - About.com
slope of a line slopes: slope intercept form slope of a line math tutorials slope of the line conic sections.
Negative Slope Is Negative Correlation - Mathematics - About.com
A negative slope demonstrates a negative correlation between the two variables of a function. Learn how to calculate negative slope using the slope formula ...
The Slope of a Horizontal Line is Zero - Mathematics - About.com
The slope of a horizontal line is always zero. Learn how to calculate a zero slope with the slope formula and a graph.
Definition of USGA Slope Rating - Golf - About.com
USGA Slope Rating is a number ranging from 55 to 155 that represents the difficulty of a course for bogey golfers relative to the USGA Course Rating (which  ...
Explanation of Slope Rating in Golf - About.com
What is slope rating in golf, how does it function and what is its purpose? This entry in the Handicaps FAQ answers those questions.
Positive Slope Is Positive Correlation - Mathematics - About.com
A positive slope of a line demonstrates a positive correlation between the variables of a function. Learn how to calculate positive slope using a graph and the ...
Golf FAQ: Why is Slope Rating Called "Slope"? - About.com
Slope. It doesn't make much sense, given what it means, does it? Why did the USGA choose the term "slope" to represent the relative difficulty of courses for ...
Mathematics: Find the Slope of a Line in Three Ways
The slope of a line describes the speed at which change is occurring. Three sources can reveal it, for example the graph of a linear function.
slope formula - Mathematics - About.com
Slope formula or the rise over run formula for math.
How are USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating Determined?
From the Golf FAQ, the About Golf Guide looks at how the USGA determines course rating and slope rating.
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