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Graphic Organizers

Fact Families


These graphic organizers make learning the addition math fact families fun. Use the Commutative Property of Addition (using both orders 4+1 = 1+4 and both =4) to fill in the fact family blanks.

Facts to 4 PDF

Facts to 5 PDF

Facts to 6 PDF

Facts to 7 PDF

Facts to 8 PDF

Facts to 9 PDF

Facts to 10 PDF

Facts to 11 PDF

Facts to 12 PDF

When teaching the facts,it is important to allow for many concrete experiences. Never begin with the worksheets and the symbolic form until the child has had ample opportunities to manipulate items first. For instance, use coins, buttons, bingo chips etc. Begin with a set number of chips. For this example, I'll use 5. With the 5 chips, ask the child how many different grouping add up to five. They will separate the chips into 3 and 2, 4 and 1, 1 and 4 and maybe even 3 and 1 and 1. Once they have had experiences like these, it's time to move to the symbolic format.

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