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Top 9 Mental Math Workout Books


A variety of mental math workouts for children 6-16 years of age. Great strategies to improve your problem solving abilities.

1. Mental Math: Computation Activities for Anytime

Geared for children in the 4th to 8th grade. You will become proficient at computing numbers without using your calculators! Learn quick and fun ideas to work with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and exponents. All activities follow the NCTM standards.
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2. Mental Math for Primary Children

Mental math for the younger minds. A must for all young children determined to succeed in math! 30 minutes a day will provide children with the math skills that will benefit them life-long. Great activities with solutions provided. Extremely beneficial for children up to the third grade.
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3. Mental Math in the Middle Grades

Provides excellent activities and printables to ensure children commit the math facts to memory and are able to compute important concepts. Prepares children for the standardized assessments. Ideal for the forth to sixth graders. Helps children to become mental math athletes!
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4. Fast and Fun Mental Math

Fast and Fun Mental Math : 250 Quick Quizzes to Sharpen Math Skills Every Day! This teacher developed resource was created especially to help develop essential math skills for children in the forth to eighth grade. Topics include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, numeration, patterns, percents, ratio, rounding, prime numbers, geometry and much more. Follows NCTM standards.
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5. Mental Math Kids Can't Resist

Mental Math Kids Can't Resist! Tips, Short-Cut Strategies & 60 Fun Practice Pages That Reinforce the Essential Math Concepts and Skills written by an Elementary Teacher. These activities will help boost your confidence and performance in a variety of math topics. Includes estimation, problem solving and lots of great practice pages.
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6. Mental Math in Junior High

If you're in the seventh to ninth grade and want to improve your academic performance in math, this resource is for you. These strategies will help you to figure out time differences, compare prices, double recipes, cut lengths of lumber, and more, and provide lots of, meaningful practice with decimals, fractions, and percents. Solutions are provided.
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7. Great Book of Math Teasers: Gr. 6-8

Exercise that left side of your brain with these tricky puzzles, logic mind benders, problems and activities requiring deductive reasoning. A great mental workout that will improve mathematical performance especially in problem solving. The more puzzles you do, the more your mind will stretch. A great way to spend 30 minutes a day!
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8. Mental Math Challenges

Get hooked on these fun yet tricky math challenges that will be sure to improve your problem solving abilities in mathematics. Figure out anyone's age with this great little number exercise. 80 pages of great math teasers and tricks that will be sure to fascinate your friends.
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9. Mental Math: Mini Mental Workouts to Improve Computation Skills

Computational skills are critical to success in mathematics. If those skills are lacking there will be a direct correlation with weaker math performance. Daily exercises in these books are sure to improve your math skills, great for all grades needing additional practice with compuational skills. 20 minutes a day will put you on the path to success.
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