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Base Ten and Place Value Concepts

Tutorials and lessons for understanding place value systems. An early and solid understanding of base ten can lead to mathematical success in later years.
  1. Reinforcing Place Value

Understanding Place Value
What is Place Value? Helping with Place Value

A Guide to Whole Number Place Value
This guide provides practical information about understanding and common errors in the development of place value concepts.

All About Place Value
Interactive tutorials to understand several place value concepts. Understanding of place value is one of math's most significant concepts in K-8.

Base Ten Block Activities
Base ten block cut outs, grid paper, and an interactive applet to assist and enhance the comprehension of this extremely important concept.

Base Ten Block Interactive Tutorial
An excellent interactive tutorial for base ten. This helps with base ten for ones, tens, and hundreds. Provides excellent visual examples to assist with the place value system.

Engaging Young Ones With Base Ten
An excellent online tool to develop base ten concepts. Use the strips to represent numbers.

Place Value Guide for Parents and Tutors
Follow these well written guidelines to assist children with the place value concept. Provides an excellent grounding to support these essential mathematical concepts.

Place Value Puzzler
A fun way to learn the place value system. Click on the level of difficulty to practice place value identification. Easy to do interactive activities to develop the place value concepts.

Place Value to 1000, What is it?
A great introduction to place value. Introduces and demonstrates how to understand the concept. Provides a practical guide to undestanding place value at the early elementary level.

Identify the Value of the Bolded Numbers
Place Value Exercises

Worksheet on Place Value - 5 Places
Click on 'Create Workseet Now' for this practice sheet on identifying place value in 5 places. Helps solidify this important concept. If you want solutions, enter your email.

The Power of Five

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