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Top 5 Pre-Algebra Resources: Books


An excellent selection of books and resources to assist you with the pre-algebraic concepts and skills which will ready you for Algebra. Good grounding in the fundamentals lead to academic success in higher learning skills.

1. Pre-Algebra

This Nelson Pre-Algebra Resource provides effective tutorials and helps you master core mathematical concepts in pre-algebra -- from fractions, decimals, and statistics to graphs, integers, and exponents -- and get the best possible grade.
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2. Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra - Prentice Hall

A great self-teaching paperback with a CD to assist you with all of the pre-albebra and introductory algebra skills needed to prepare you for algebra concepts. All the basics you need are included here.
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3. Pre-Algebra Made Simple

An extremely basic approach to pre-algebra. Lots of exercises to help you prepare for algebra. A good workbook approach.
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4. Pre-Algebra De Mistified

How can you go wrong with a resource that offers to take the mystery out of math? This book is one of my favorites - it provides an excellent approach to 'self teaching' Topics include:integers, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions, percents, roots and exponents, etc. All the topics you need before moving into algebra.
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5. Dr. Math Gets You Ready For Algebra

This resource is another one of my favorites. A comprehensive approach to the many pre-algebraic concepts including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, linear equations, expressions and much more. Dr. Math from the famous math forum provides a question/answer approach based on the frequently asked questions from students.
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