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Business/Financial Mathematics Tutorials & Courses

Tutorials, resources, and instructions to help with the business math topics/subjects.
  1. Excel Tutorials

Understanding Annuities
Understanding the math behind Annuities. Learn how to do the math for annuities.

Calculating number of days
Calculate the number of days for a loan. Exact number of days.

Calulating Interest
Calculating interest. Using the interest formula.

Compound Interest Tutorial
Want to know how to calculate compound interest? Find out how and then use the online tool to see if you're right!

Simple Interest
A tutorial on what simple interest is and how it is calculated.

Compound Interest Calculator
Not sure what you'll be charged for on a loan? Or how much money you'll make with a deposit? Find out with this online calculator and mini tutorial.

Amortization Calculator for Schedules
Key in your term, interest rate and amount of borrowed or invested money and print the amortization schedule.

Business Math
Top picks in business math resources to help you learn the many business math topics.

What You Need to Know About Business Math
What is Business Math? What Do I Need to Take Business Math?

Making a Partial Payment on a Simple Interest Loan

Teach Me Finance
A great set of tutorials for financial mathematical concepts. Includes perpetuities, uneven cash flow, standard deviations, stocks, bonds etc.

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