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Top 6 Business Math Resources


An excellent selection of resources for self-study to help you with all of your business math needs. From beginner to advanced level.

1. Basic Business Math

Definitely written at the very beginning level in business, or remedial for some candidates. Includes numerous drill and review of basic math skills. Relatively short and sweet. A good starting point.
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2. Business Math Essentials

Provides a complete coverage of the basics in business math. Includes step by step directions, examples, mini units, practical problems with step by step solutions. An entry level text that allows users to work at their own pace.
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3. Math For Business Applications

Provides a review of basic mathematics and then introduces key business topics in an algebra-based context. Also features a section on using the financial calculator.
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4. Practical Business Math

This text applies the principles and practices of basic math to everyday business problems and situations. Real life based, providing business managers with easy-to-follow explanations, worked examples, and exercises—making. A great self teaching guide addressing the practical business related math topics.
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5. Business Math Procedures: Electronic Calculator Guide

This guide shows the basic mathematical operations used to solve practical business application problems. The core topics include percents with applications, cash and trade discounts, markup/markdowns, payroll, simple and compound interest, discounting notes, present value, and annuities.
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6. The Complete Book of Business Math

All The Math You Need To Make Sharp Business Decisions Fast Do sales justify that new ad compaign? Are your employees productive enough? How's cash flow? No matter what your math expertise, The Complete Book of Business Math, by financial experts Joel G. Siegel, Jae K. Shim, and David Mina.
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