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Graphing Calculator: TI-84 Plus

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The Bottom Line

This calculator will meet your subject needs from algebra through calculus, geometry plus statistics and finance. The equation solver editor solves for different variables interactively. Real and complex numbers are calculated to 14-digit accuracy. Improve high contrast display setting - 8 line by 16 character. This calculator works with all of the TI Presentation tools. A full guidebook is included and a helpline - Toll-free help hotline: 1 800 TI-CARES.
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  • 3 Times The Memory of the TI -83 Plus Graphing Calculator
  • Built In USB Port and Standard IO Port
  • Great Pre-Loaded Apps.


  • More Expensive
  • Large Learning Curve for those new to Graphing Calculators


  • Check with your institution, this calculator is often permitted in standardized tests.
  • Connects with an adaptor to the View Screen panel or TI Presenter - lets every student share!
  • Requires four 'AAA' batteries (not included) and one Lithium backup battery (included).
  • Three times more memory than the TI-83 Plus.
  • 2.5 times more speed than the TI-83 Plus.
  • Do basic arithmetic, solve equations, construct geometric figures, perform transformations....
  • Explore, use, graph and evaluate functions, transformations & inequalities. Simulate probabilities.
  • Deal with and analyze statistical data.
  • Note: The difference between the TI-84 Plus & the TI 84 Plus Silver is additional memory and speed.

Guide Review - Graphing Calculator: TI-84 Plus

This is one of my favorite graphing calculators whether you're a finance math student or a pure math student, this calculator does it all! The TI-84 Plus connects quickly and easily to any computer. If you've used the TI-83, you'll find the TI-84 Plus has twice the speed, 3 times the memory, a better contrast display and keystroke for keystroke it's identical and it comes with a full one year warranty. You'll find the free study cards to be a great source of review. The TI-84 Plus has a Unit-to-unit link cable that will enable data sharing with another TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-83 Plus, and TI-83 Plus Silver Edition.

Preloaded applications include: CBL™/CBR™, Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, LearningCheck™, LogIn,, Probability Simulation, Science Tools, StudyCards™ , TImeSpan™, Topics in Algebra 1 (Chapters 1-4), Topics in Algebra 1 (Chapter 5), Transformation Graphing. Financial and business math students will have Business functions including Time-Value-of-Money (TVM), cash flows, and amortization. Full screen interactive editor for solving TVM problems along with the ability to create spreadsheets.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
TI 84, Member Dionne0314

I have been using the TI84 for years at all levels, as both student and instructor , from elementary arithmetic to calculus and even programming. This is the most versatile calculator I have ever used. I have never needed another, for whatever my calculating needs were. It does take some time to learn all what it can do but the time is worth the effort, if you want to get the most out of it. You don't need to know everything it does at once, I educate myself on what it could do as the need arises and have never been disappointed.

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