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Christmas Math Word Problems 8th Grade


8th Grade Math Word Problems

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1. 5 hockey pucks and three hockey sticks cost $23. 5 hockey pucks and 1 hockey stick cost $20. How much does 1 hockey puck cost?

2. This Christmas, your brother Jack will be 2 years from being twice as old as your sister Jen. The sum of Jack’s age and three times Jen’s age is 66. How old is Jen?

3. Parents donated fudge for the Christmas fund raiser for your classroom. 40 pounds of chocolate fudge sold for $2.15 per pound and vanilla fudge sold for $190. per pound. Your class made $158.20. How many pounds of fudge were sold?

4. One of your friends is heading north for the Christmas holiday and the other friend is heading south. If their destinies are 1029 miles apart and one car is traveling at 45 miles per hour and the other car is traveling at 53 miles per hour. How many hours before the two cars pass each other?

5. Dana needs 300 Christmas lights with equal amounts of each of her 4 selected colors. She already has 32 red, 26 green, 9 yellow and no blue. How many more of each color does Dana need to buy? If the bulbs cost 25 cents and you get 20% off if you purchase 50 or more of the same color and 30% off if you purchase 60 or more of one color, how much does Dana need to spend? Show your work.

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