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Discrete Math

Tutorials, instructions and interactive lessons in Discrete Math which includes the subcategories: Algorithms, Combinatorics, Permutations/Combinations Graph Theory and Order/Lattices.
  1. Combinatorics (4)

Counting Problems
Early college level, includes tutorials for Permutations, Combinations and the Binomial Theorem .

Discrete Math Tutorials and Activities
Algorithms, Game Theory, Structures and problems using Discrete Math.

Discrete Mathematics Introduction
What is Discrete Math? Why learn Discrete Math? A great introduction to Discrete Mathematics.

Everything Finite
Excellent tutorials with interactive components to guide you through the topics in finite mathematics.

Election Theory
A practical approach to understanding a branch of Discrete Mathematics.

Finite Mathematics
Suitable and comprehensive tutorials for late highschool and early college level math. Includes: slopes of lines, compound interest and annuities, row operations, pivoting, Gauss/Jordan Method, graphing inequalities etc.

Lattice Theory
From the 'Geometry Junkyard', a tutorial explaining Lattice Theory and the Geometry of Numbers. Explanations and graphics are very clear.

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