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Early Division


10 Basic division worksheets without remainders. An early introduction to the concept of long division.

1. Basic Division Worksheet # 1 in PDF

Division worksheets
Early division worksheets without remainders. Prior to doing these worksheets, students should have a basic understanding of the times tables through to 10. These division worksheets should not be attempted until a child has a solid understanding of fair shares. For example, a child should be able to take 12 buttons (cookies or candies) and show how they can be divided into 2 groups of 6, 3 groups of 4, 6 groups of 2 etc. A child must be able to show division basics in concrete format before trying the symbolic format.

2. Basic Division Worksheet # 2 in PDF

Division Worksheets
Have students to show you with buttons, coins, counters or base ten blocks how division actually works before using the symbolic worksheets. I prefer base ten blocks because they represent place value very well.
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