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Early Numeracy and Pre-School Math

A variety of early numeracy, pre-numer and pre-school math activities to support young children with math concepts.

Family Math
Learn how to support math at home with a variety of activities that you can do. Support math concepts at home. Have a family math night.

Great Beginnings
When can you begin assisting your child with mathematical concepts? As soon as they can say a few words! Two years of age is a great time to start. Learn how you can put your child on the right path to mathematical success and an early age.

Early Childhood Mathematics
Activities in logical thinking, seriation, measurement, shape and patterning to give your child a great start to number concepts.

Mathematical Activities for the 2-5 Year Old
Strategies, instructions and activities to support young children with pre-number concepts.

Measurement at Home
Another great pre-number concept that can be done with children at home.

Pre-K Smarties!
Why teach your pre-school math? Find some great ideas to support math at home at a very early age.

Pre-School Counting and Number Activities
Make math fun for your young ones. A variety of excellent ideas to promote mathematical learning at home.

Pre-School Family Math
A variety of motivating ideas to promote mathematical thinking at an early age.

Thinking Mathematics!
A variety of excellent strategies to help your child think mathematically.

Kindergarten Common Core in Math

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