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Earth Day Lessons for Integrating Mathematics

Some great Earth Day lessons to integrate mathematics at various grade levels.

Earth Day Math from PBS - Great Activities!
These activities will provide students with opportunities to use and learn some mathematics in areas related to the observance of Earth Day.

Earth Day Trash Survey Unit
An excellent lesson unit to integrate math and Earth Day.

Earty Day and Math
Some great math Activities from PBS

Earth Day Math Lesson Ideas
5 Lesson Plan ideas that integrate Earth Day with Mathematics. Very worthwhile activities at a variety of grade levels.

Earth Day Math Activities
Link math with Earth Day with some of these suggested activities.

Earth Day Math Word Problems
Looking for Earth Day math word problems? Here are a few great authentic word problems to integrate with Earth Day.

Underwater or Beach Cleanup Units to Celebrate Earth Day
Students will delve right into these great Earth Day activities, authentic math!

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