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Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

A variety of lessons, tutorials, worksheets and printables to assist with the four operations in mathematics/arithmetic.

How To Teach Long Division
Parents often ask how to teach long division. Here are a series of steps to help avoid the confusion with long division.

Multiplication Resources
Everything you need to improve multiplication concepts in young learners.

Basic Rules for Multiplication
Understanding the many tricks for quick multiplication will help you learn to multiply much quicker and more accurately.

Divisibility Rules
Learn the divisibility rules and you'll be able to divide much more quickly. A handy guide worth learning.

Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Online Game
What a great opportunity to have kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. 10 minutes a day on this fun flashcard game will keep them learning!

Division Flash Cards
Improve your results by using these flashcards for 10 minutes each day. A sure way to improve your grades.

Division Homework Helper
Struggling with remainders in division? Try these flashcards to help you improve your skills with this tricky concept.

Addition Worksheets for 6 Year Olds
A variety of great addition worksheets for young learners. A positive approach to enhancing understanding.

Flashcards to Help You Learn the Multiplications Facts
Learn your tables using interactive flash cards. See how quickly you can answer the questions to improve your math facts.

Guidelines for Learning to Multiply
A excellent set of guidelines to help with multiplication. Practical strategies and helpful advice for this crucial skill.

Interactive Multiplication Tables
15 minutes a day of these great table activities will help you memorize the timetables much quicker than regular drill and repetition.

Number Operation Games
Enjoy learning when you learn through a game type approach. A variety of games to strengthen your skills in the four operations of arithmetic.

Times Tables Tests
Take these tests daily to increase your speed and rote learning of the times tables. High school teachers frequently say that less and less students have committed the tables to memory, which has life-long negative impact.

Dot Plate Cards for Basic Math
Use dot plates or cards to teach basic facts and number sense.

Using Games to Memorize the Timestables
Playing Multiplication Games to Memorize the Times Tables or Multiplication Facts

The Power of Five

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