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History of Mathematics

The history of mathematics and mathematicians. A variety of resources to support historical concepts in mathematics. The history of math is a part of all math curricula.

17th and 18th Century Discoveries in Math
A comprehensive list of the mathematicians (English and Continental Europe) and their discoveries throughout the 17th and 18th century.

Chronology of Important Dates in Math History
An excellent source for Mathematics 3000 BC to the present. Arranged chronologically, listing all the pertinent information, discoveries, mathematicians, theorems and applications.

Earliest Uses of Math Symbols
Learn about the first individuals to use symbols in math and how they were applied. Topics include: trignometry, calculus, fractions, variables and probability.

Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics
Mathematicians are always motivated by problems. The biggest discoveries in math are always due to a discovery to solve a problem. Here you'll see some of the great problems (and solutions) that have inspired the great mathematicians through the centuries.

Greek Mathematics
Here, you'll find all the basics in the history of Greek mathematics. An excellent tutorial.

History of Mathematics
A great colletion of articles referring to some greatest historical discoveries/theorems in mathematics. Excellent descriptions and graphics.

History Topics in Mathematics
A thorough index of of the historical 'topics' in math. Alphabetized for easy access on the topic you're looking for. Easy read, great for high school students.

Mac Tutor History of Mathematics
One of the most comprehensive history of math sites online. Site is arranged by topic, mathematician, or chronology, and includes over 1300 biographies on mathematicians.

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