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Kindergarten Math Lesson Plans

Kindergarten math lesson plans for both junior and senior kindergarten classes. Here you'll find a variety of lesson addressing all of the kindergarten math concepts. Emphasis on manipulatives.

Pre-School Numeracy Concepts
Give your child a great start to numeracy with these pre-school concepts.

Kindergarten Math Concepts
Here you'll find the early numeracy concepts including: more, less, fewers, comparing, adding, subtracting, counting, patterns, positions and much more.

Kindergarten Math Lesson Plans
Excellent early numeracy activities with an emphasis on games and manipulatives.

Kindergarten Number Worksheets
Printable number worksheets for both junior and senior kindergarten.

More Kindergarten Math
Prepare young children with the many instructional strategies listed here to avoid math anxiety in the upper grades.

CCSS Math.Content.K.CC.A.3
Instructional strategies to print numbers from 0 to twenty. Kindergarten and Common Core Math Standards for Numeracy

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