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Math Games and Brain Teasers

Interactive math games, math brain teasers and math puzzles just for fun.

Kaprekar's Constant
Kaprekar's constant. 6174 is Kaprekar's Constant. Russian mathematician.

Archimedes Lab
Something for everyone, including puzzles to make and solve, tessellations, geometric puzzles, optical illusions, and curiosities. Great brain food.

Puzzle Competitons
Some excellent brain teasers/boosters to challenge your right brain. Solutions are provided in some instances.

Mathematically Interesting Games
For those of you who enjoy recreational, try playing these games and figure out the mathematics behind them.

Logic Puzzlers and Teasers
Over 30 math and logic puzzles ranging from difficult to very challenging. Submit these puzzlers and have them personally graded by a math whiz.

Interactive Puzzlers
Stimulate your brain with these interesting yet challenging online puzzlers. Great challenging fun and great for the problem solving ability too!

Brain Teasers
A great site for the young student. Brain teasers for the 8-13 year old. These challenges help to improve your problem solving abilities.

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