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Number Theory

Tutorials, lessons, and resources to support number theory in mathematics.

Basics of Computation Number Theory
A good introductory site. Includes interactive tutorials and samples.

Brun's Constant
In 1919 Brun showed that the sum of the reciprocals of the twin primes converges to a sum. Find out more...

Fibonacci Numbers (University)
It began with Fibonacci's Rabbits and how fast they could breed! Here you will find over 200 resources to support Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section.

Glaisher-Kinkelin Constant
Stirling's formula provides a well-known estimate for large factorials for this number theory constant.

Largest Known Primes
Introduction to the Primes, a list of the Primes and Euclid's Proof of the Infinitude of Primes.

Number Theory Help
This site features a collection of calculators, tables and articles about number theory. It also includes an applet that is able to factor big numbers and a quadratic diophantine equation solver, among other things.

Number Theory
Top Picks from your guide for texts and resources for self study in Number Theory. Items for the beginner to the graduate level math student.

Number Theory 101 - Great Starting Point
An introduction to number theory. The prerequisite is some familiarity with integers and fractions.

Number Theory Atlas
A well indexed atlas. This site includes the Number Theory subfield with a variety of related tutorials and definitions.

University Number Theory Resources
An extensive set of resources for number theory. Lots of examples with proofs.

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