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Quadratic Equation Word Problem - Easter Egg Hunt


How entertaining is an Easter Egg Hunt? Squealing about candy-filled eggs, scrambling for the golden egg, and prematurely crossing the starting line is great fun for the parents. Patricia measured the kids' attitudes toward her annual Easter Egg Hunt. She discovered that the fun factor is a function of the number of kids hunting eggs.

Here's a function that models that relationship:

f = -k2 + 10k + 10, where f represents the fun factor and k represents the number of kids.


Instructions: Use the Easter Egg fun factor function to complete the exercises.


1. What is the line of symmetry for this function?



2. Is the function's vertex a maximum or minimum?



3. Name the vertex of the function.



4. Name any zeros of the function. (Round to the hundredth place.)



5. Sketch the function.



6. When the fun factor peaks, how many kids are hunting Easter eggs?



7. How many kids are hunting right before the fun factor turns negative?



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