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Third Grade Math - 3rd Grade Math Course of Study

3rd Grade Math Course of Study


The following list provides you with the basic concepts that should be attained by the end of the school year. Mastery of the concepts at the previous grade is assumed.


  • Read print numbers to 1000 and locate, compare, order, represent, estimate, identify numbers to 1000
  • Mentally add and subtract numbers to 20
  • Understand Place Value to be able to regroup numbers up to 1000
  • Count by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's and 25's beyond 1000
  • Locate numbers when requested to 1000
  • Understands the basic fractions
  • Add and subtract four digit numbers (with carrying/regrouping)
  • Multiplication and division facts up to facts of 7, well on your way to memorizing these facts. (The new Common Core requires to 9.)
  • Count by skipping numbers when requested
  • Add and subtract coins up to $10.00
  • Identify money amounts from words to numbers
  • Compute word problems with addition and subtraction, multiplication and division


  • Use and understand linear measurement terms (inches, feet, yards, centimeters, meters etc.)
  • Measure with a variety tools and make relatively accurate estimations
  • Time - hours, minutes and seconds, read and record on both analog and digital
  • Measure temperatures accurately
  • Make appropriate change in money concepts
  • Measure perimeter and capacity in a variety of shapes and containers
  • Compare a variety of measurement tools


  • Describe and construct 2 D shapes and 3 D objects from straws, toothpics etc.
  • Solve a variety of geometric puzzles
  • Compare, sort and describe all 2 and 3 D shapes and solids by faces, vertices and edges
  • Perform and identify transformations, flips, slides, turns, and rotations using 1/4 turns 1/2 turns etc.
  • Determine lines of symmetry, flips, slides, turns and transformations of shapes
  • Describe locations on a grid - up four and over two, use Battleship ideas to plot coordinates


  • Identify, describe, reorganize and extend patterns with more than one attribute and identify relationships
  • Identify patterns in weather, traffic etc.
  • Identify and describe patterns in the world around us and provide rules for the patterns


  • Use graphs, venn diagrams and chartsto record data with one or more attributes
  • Collect and organize data in graph, chart or Venn formats, interpret a variety of data from charts and graphs
  • Conduct a variety of probability experiments, record the outcomes and make predictions using dice, cards, marbles spinners etc.
  • Determine probability of weather, races and base it on data

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