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Kindergarten Math - Kindergarten Math Course of Study

Kindergarten Math


The following list provides you with the basic concepts that should be attained by the end of the school year. Mastery of the concepts at the previous grade is assumed.


  • Read, print, locate, compare, order, represent, identify numbers to 10 and match numbers of objects to the numeral.
  • Count to 10 frontwards and backwards.
  • Understand number conservation - 6 pennies are represented by a 6 etc. up to 10.
  • Understand simple adding: If I put one more penny on the pile of 5, I will have 6. etc.
  • Recognize coins by pennies and 1 cent up to 25 cents.


Be able to name the days of the week and which one comes next when given a certain day.

  • Understand the basics of time - afternoon, evening, morning, weekend etc.
  • Identify important times: 8:00 is bedtime, 12:00 is lunch time.
  • Measure and compare lengths such as taller than, shorter than.
  • [ul Geometry

      Describe and identify the basic shapes (squares, triangles, circles, rectangles etc.)

    • Describe similarities and differences in the basic shapes.
    • Construct pictures using a variety of shapes that resemble houses, cars etc.
    • Move shapes in front of, beside, behind, ahead of etc.


    • Identify simple patterns like checkerboards and determine when the pattern is wrong and why. (All the shapes are yellow except for this green one which doesn't belong because....
    • Make simple patterns - 2 green buttons, 2 red buttons and 2 green buttons.
    • Extend simple patterns - AA BB CC AA BB CC etc.


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