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Statistics Tutorials and Resources

Statistics tutorials, lessons, activities and guides to assist with all assignments.

The Mean, the Median and the Mode
Understand the difference between the mean, the median and the mode. The median, the mean and the mode defined.

The Mean, the Median and the Mode
To understand the basics of statistics, you'll ned ot learn about the mean, the median and the mode. The mean, the median and the mode are all forms of averages.

A Selection of Resources, Guides and Manuals
Best buys in statistics software guides, manuals, resources and texts to help supplement your learning in statistics courses at a variety of levels.

Stem-And-Leaf Plots - Introductory Tutorial
A basic tutorial for stem-and-leaf plot/diagrams. A type of graph used to analyse larger sets of data such as rainfall patters, temperatures, sports scores etc.

A Complete Guide to Statistics
This site includes tutorials for Elementary Statistics, Basic Statistics, Cluster Analysis, Linear Models and much, much more. An one stop for all of your statistical needs.

Dr. Math Answers Statistical Questions
Find the answers to your questions about standard deviation, weighted averages, Bernoulli and stats., IQ and standard deviations and much more.

Descriptive Statistics
A good explanation of typical values, range of variatons, and normal and other distributions. Life-like applications.

Introductory Statistics Tutorial
A starting point to guide you through the gathering and understanding of statistics. Easy to understand with examples and explanations.

Stat Notes
An online text book addressing thesis related statistical tutorials and guidance. Post Secondary level.

Stat Primer
An online statistics instructional guide with exercises. A good self-paced tutorial in PDF format.

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