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Statistics, Data Management, Probability

Classroom lessons for statistics, data management and probability at a variety of ability levels from grades 1-12.

From Probability to Combinatorics and Number Theory
The activities and discussions in this lesson are devoted to data structures and their applications to probability theory. Tables and trees are introduced, and some of their properties are discussed.

Grade 9 - 12 Statistics
Lessons and worksheets to support statistics.

Probability for the Primary Teacher (Gr. 1-3)
Excellent lessons to teach young students to predict the chance of an event happening using the terms never, sometimes, and always etc.

Probability and Statistics in the K-12 Classroom
Looking for some great teaching ideas for this strand of math? Here you'll find a variety of motivating lesson plans for your data manamgent and probability needs.

Secondary Lessons
Data Collection in the Classroom - written by a secondary math teacher. You'll also find a few other secondary math units here.

Statistics and Probability
These lessons are geared toward the elementary aged students - 3rd to 6th grades. Very practical and real life problems.

Taking a Survey
Ideas for Surveys for the 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades

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