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Tangram Puzzles

Tangram puzzles and ideas for fun with math.

Tangram Pattern
Kids love learning geometry through tangrams, here's a pattern to print on card stock paper.

Tangram Worksheet
Enjoy this worksheet on tangrams.

Challenging Tangrams
Try a few of the applet Tangrams to challenge you! They're harder than they look.

Interactive Tangrams
Explore the possibilities with Tangrams with the excellent interactive site.

Interactive Tangrams
Have you been working on Tangrams in school? Give this site a try. Challenging interactive tangrams to enhance your problem solving skills.

Introduction to Tangrams
Great innovations in math. You will be provided with tangrams and solutions along with some great printables. Test your skills!

Printable Tangrams
Improve your creative problem solving skills with these printable tangram puzzles and dazzle your teacher!

Tangram for 8 Year Olds
Are you ready for these puzzles? Stimulate mathematical thinking with this printable puzzle.

Tangram Puzzles to Manipulate
Scroll down for a series of challenging and worthwhile tangram puzzles.

Tangrams For Math 4th - 6th Grade
Extend your problem solving ability with these great tangrams made specifically for 9-11 year olds.

The Tangram Zoo
Children will take delight in these great tangram puzzle printables shaped like animals.

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