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Math Stumpers

Problem solving questions. Math related problem solving.
  1. Grade by Grade Word Prob...

Learning About the Doubling Effect
Learning about the doubling effect.

I Scream for Ice Cream
Math Word and Logic problems

6 Coins Stumper
Math Stumpers, 6 Coins Stumper. Math problem of the week.

Math Stumper: Pails of Water
Math Problem of the Day Math Stumper

Triangle Sums Stumper
Math stumpers, triangle sums stumper

Use 2 Squares to Make Separate Pens for the 9 Pigs
Math stumper and brain teaser

How Many Squares? (Deductive Reasoning)
2 Math stumpers - How many squares puzzles.

Double Sums
Math Stumpers, brain teasers

How Many Rectangles
How Many Rectangles? Math stumper. Math brain teasers.

The Farmer's Problem - Crossing the River
Problem Solving in Math

Solution to the Farmer's Problem
Math Problem Solving. Math problems

Not Shorter Than You
This problem solving question is a great 'trick' question that promotes thinking skills! Great for all ages.

How Many Handshakes?
This classic problem stumps us initially, it's a slight bit harder than one would initially think!

The Horse Problem
This popular problem sounds easy yet stumps many. Ever wonder how so many people can come up with a different answer? This problem will do it every time!

Solve the Box of Chocolates Math Stumper
Math stumper of the week. The box of chocolates stumbler. Great challenges in math to support mathematical thinking for young learners.

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