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Pre Algebra Resources

The preparation for algebra begins as early as kindergarten with patterning concepts which eventually become pre algebra concepts as students progress through school. You'll find a wealth of pre algebra worksheets here to support the longer term goal which is algebra.

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Memorizing Trig's Functions?

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Here's what you need to help you commit Trig's functions to memory. It's called Alison's Triangle and was found in the book 'Twenty Years Before the Blackboard' which was written by who else of course? A math teacher!

See more on the Trigonometric Formula.

Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday April 17, 2014

Are you read for a quadratic equation word problem that relates to Easter? I can't think of anything more entertaining to do this Easter that links the holiday with Math! Jennifer Ledwith provides us with this entertaining set of questions for a fun filled 'mathy' Easter.  See the exercise questions here.
(All questions are supported with answers.)

Measures of Central Tendancy

Wednesday April 9, 2014

This concept is taught as early as the 3rd grade and refers to the law of averages. When the term average is used, most of us mean the 'mean' average. However, there are other averages which are the median and the mode.  If you are looking for a 101 on the Mean, the Median and the Mode, you'll find a quick overview here.

See also,  free median worksheets.

Beginning of Base 10

Saturday April 5, 2014

Base 10 concepts begin in Kindergarten. At this early age, base 10 refers to the ability to understand that in a number like 12, the one represents 1 ten or 10 ones, it no longer is the same as 1 when 1 is in isolation. It is also showing the ability to count onward when 10 is recognized, looking at a group of 10 and automatically knowing to count up to determine how many there are when there is a group of 10 and 5 more or 6 more.

Although this concept sounds simple, it's quite difficult for new learners. This article focuses on teaching strategies for the kindergarten learner, using the Common Core Standards for understanding and decomposing numbers from m11 to 19.

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