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Pre Algebra Resources

The preparation for algebra begins as early as kindergarten with patterning concepts which eventually become pre algebra concepts as students progress through school. You'll find a wealth of pre algebra worksheets here to support the longer term goal which is algebra.

Other Great Resources
Mathematics Spotlight10

Trigonometric Applications

Applying the trigonometric functions. Exercises in trigonometry.

Top Apps for 1st Grade Math

Math Apps for first graders that won't disappoint. My favorite apps for grade 1 math, these apps make learning math fun while building math fluency at the same time.

Percent Worksheets

Fast math, finding percent of 1 and 10 percent. 10 percentage worksheets focusing on 1 and 10% of two and three digit numbers.

Quick Math for Percent

Understanding percentage and using basic percent quickly. What is percent?

The Power of Five

Building math fluency, learning to add quickly using some quick tips and tricks.

van Hiele Theory for Geometry

Levels of thought in geometry, VanHiele, stages of geometric thought

Fraction Worksheets

Fraction Worksheets for identifying basic fractions

Fraction Worksheets

This week, I put together 10 worksheets for basic fractions. The fraction is given and the student is to shade the area to show the correct fraction. Lots of

Shade the Fraction Worksheets

Shade the fraction worksheets

Effective Method to Study for Math

It's that time of year where tests and exams are plentiful in order to determine those year end marks. Many of you will be studying by cramming, burning the

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