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Multiple Intelligences - Learning Styles

The theory of Multiple Intelligence was proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner and is now being implemented into teaching and learning practices across the continents.  All of us have different learning styles and we learn at different paces. Some of us can put in a minimal effort and receive a high grade, meanwhile others have to work very hard to achieve an average grade. We can modify the learning activities and we can modify the methods we use to learn.  If we maximize our opportunities for our personal learning needs to be met, we can enhance and ensure that we are more comfortable in our learning environment. One method of doing so is applying the theories of Multiple Intelligence to our learning styles.

The suggestions below demonstrate how we can incorporate the concept of multiple intelligences into the subject or integrated subjects that we are being taught or are trying to learn. Knowing which intelligence you possess enables you to select learning styles that work for you.

  • We can work in small groups (interpersonal) to do a variety of tasks such as gather information, organize what we already know, and brainstorm etc (verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical)
  • We can research additional information using the internet, the library, books, multi-media centre and resources (verbal, linguistic)
  • We can classify, sort and organize the information according to a variety of attributes (logical, mathematical)
  • We can use software simulations and manipulatives and communicate our learning in written form (visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic)
  • We can work in groups to communicate the steps and processes involved to solve problems (verbal/linguistic, interpersonal)
  • We can create a musical selections and jingles to memorize key points and facts (musical/rhythmic,body/kinaesthetic)
  • We can reflect about learning tasks and think about the process involved (intrapersonal)

Some of us display strengths in more than one or two areas of multiple intelligences and it is sometimes difficult to determine which intelligence is a real strength.  However, by using a variety of methods when learning, your learning needs are more likely to be met.

Although not all of us will learn everything, we can all learn something!   Using a variety of methods and strategies to learn, we ensure that learning will occur!

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