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Math Glossary

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Edge - A line that joins a polygon or the line (edge) where two faces meet in a 3 dimensional solid.

Ellipse - An ellipse looks like a slightly flattened circle. A plane curve. Orbits take the form of ellipses.

End Point - The 'point' at which a line or a curve ends.

Equaliteral - All sides are equal.

Equation - A statement showing the equality of two expressions usually separated by left and right signs and joined by an equals sign.

Even Number - A number that can be divided or is divisible by 2.

Event - Often refers to the outcome of probability. Answers questions like 'What is the probability the spinner will land on red?'

Evaluate - To calculate the numerical value.

Exponent - The number that gives reference to the repeated multiplication required. The exponent of 34 is the 4.

Expressions - Symbols that represent numbers or operations. A way of writing something that uses numbers and symbols.


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