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Mathematical Symbols
An Overview
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Math Glossary

Here is a table of some of the most frequently used math symbols. Please feel free to send me any additions you would like to see added.

Symbol What Is It?
+ Adding Sign. Often referred to as the 'plus' sign.
- Subtracting Sign. Often referred to as the 'minus' sign.
x Multiplication Sign. Often referred to as the 'times' sign.
÷ Division Sign.
= Equal Sign.
| | Absolute Value
 ¹ Not Equal to.
( ) Parenthesis.
[ ] Square Brackets.
% Percent Sign - Out of 100.
å Big Sum Sign - Summation.
Ö Square Root Sign.
< Inequality sign. Less Than.
> Inequality sign. Greater Than.
! Factorial.
 q Theta.
p Pi
» Approximately.
^ Perpindicular.
Ð Angle Sign.
! Factorial Sign.
\ Therefore
¥ Infinity


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