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Calculating Percentages
What You Need to Know About Calculating Per cent - Online Calculator Included Below

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Per cent simply means 'per hundred'. The symbol 25% is read 'twenty-five per cent' and simply means 25 out of 100. It is useful to be able to understand that a per cent can be converted to a fraction and a decimal. 25% also mean 25/100 which can be reduced to 1/4 and 0.25 when written as a decimal

To change a fraction into a decimal or a per cent:

Begin with 5/8. Take your calculator (or pencil and paper) and divide 5 by 8 to get 0.625, now move the decimal over two places for the per cent. Thus 5/8 = 0.625 and 62.5/100

Applying what you know:

You see an item that is $50.00, but it is being reduced by 15%. First you must decide what the amount is that is going to be deducted from $50.00 To do this you will need to multiply 50.00 by .15 (you need to convert 15% to a decimal). The answer is 7.5, now you will need to subtract $7.50 from $50.00, you will be paying $42.50 for the item that is on sale.

Try the handy online tool to check your problems on percentages.

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