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Understanding how to calculate area is important to understand at the early age of 8-10. Calculating area is a pre-algebra skill that should be well understood prior to beginning algebra. Students by grade 4 need to understand the early concepts of calculating the area of a variety of shapes.

Formulas for calculating area use letters which are identified below. For example the formula for the area of a circle will look like this:

A = p r 2

This formula means that the area is equal to 3.14 times the radius squared.

The area of a rectangle would look like this:

A = lw

This formula means that the area of the rectangle is equal to the length times the width.

The calculator below will assist you to determine if your answers are correct. Simply select the shape and you will be prompted for the remaining data which will then provide you with a solution.

Area Calculator
Find the area of a =

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Some common terms used when calculating area include:

A Area

C Circumference

L Length

W Width

H Height

r Radius

d Diameter

Pi 3.14 constant

S Surface Area

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