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Algebra Lesson Plans

Algebra lesson plans for all algebraic related concepts.

Pascal's Triangle
Pascal's triangle is a geometric arrangement of the binomial coefficients in a triangle. Here's a printable copy of Pascal's triangle for your students.

Algebra Lesson Plans and Units
A comprehensive list of some of the best algebra lesson plans or materials. Topics include: linear equations, calendars, factoring, games, word problems and much more.

Beginner Algebra Lesson Plans
Great teaching ideas for the creative math teacher. Topics include: polnomials, perimeter, slope, positive and negative numbers, order of operations and variables.

Function and Algebra Concepts
Great ideas (High School) that really turn students on to learning algebraic concepts.

Grade 9 Algebra
Great teaching units written by a high school math teachers for math teachers.

Lessons, Worksheets and Teaching Ideas
In this site you will find worksheets, puzzles, tips, and other ideas for Algebra.

Middle and High School Level Algebra Lesson Plans
A large listing of lessons from the Awesome Library to support algebra and pre-algebra concepts from aged 11-18.

The 'Hand Squeeze" Lesson for Algebra
I used to love doing this popular lesson with my students. A great student problem solver.

The Power of Algebra Lessons
Three complete PDF units that students are sure to be highly engaged and motivated to learn algebraic concepts. Includes inverse operations and positive exponents.

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