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Formulas & Reference


A variety of math formulas, calculators and reference resources.
  1. Algebra Formulas
  2. Geometry Formulas
  3. Financial and Business Formulas
  4. Calculus Rules, Functions and Formulas
  5. Mathematicians, Reference and Tools

Algebra Formulas

Binomials, polynomials, completing the square and other useful algebraic formulas.

Geometry Formulas

Formulas for Perimeter, Area and Volume of Common Solids and Shapes. Formula cheat sheets.

Financial and Business Formulas

Financial and business formulas. Use these handy formulas to help with your financial math.

Calculus Rules, Functions and Formulas

Forums, functions, rules for Calculus. Calculus derivatives and integrals. Formulas can be such a nuisance to memorize, here are a few to help you.

Mathematicians, Reference and Tools

History of mathematics and math reference, math calculators.

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