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Geometry Worksheets and Printables

Geometry worksheets, blackline masters and geometry printables. Great for practice and hand outs.

Classify and Measure the Angles
Measurement of Angles. Classify and measure the angles.

Trigonometry Worksheet
Trig Inverse Function Worksheets

Polygon Worksheets - Answers on the 2nd Pages of PDF
Polygon worksheets, finding vertices and sides and polygons.

Perimeter Worksheets - Answers on the 2nd Pages of PDF
Perimeter worksheets, finding the perimeter of shapes and polygons.

Geometry Worksheets: Pythagorean's Theorem
Worksheets using Pythagorean's Theorem. Geometry worksheets.

1st Grade Geometry Worksheets
Primary geometry worksheets. Worksheets to help children learn geometry. Geometry lessons for first grade math.

Tangram puzzles. Tangram patterns and free tangram worksheets.

Geometry Worksheets
Geometry worksheets for finding sine and cosine. Answers are also given.

Geometry Worksheets for Beginners
Great visuals in these worksheets. Deals with congruency, shapes and intersecting lines.

Comprehensive Listing of Geometry Worksheets
Whether you're looking for beginner or highschool geometry worksheets - you'll find ample resources here.

Worksheets for Informal Geometry
Included here are worksheets for Tesselations, Triangles, Shapes and Geometer's Sketchpad.

Basic Geometry
An excellent comprehensive review containing many worthwhile printables to help you excel in this topic.

Law of Cosines Worksheets and Printables
Use the law of cosines to complete the worksheets. Answers are provided on the 2nd page of the pdf. Working with triangles and finding missing values.

8 Circumference Worksheets
8 Worksheets to find the area and the circumference of a circle when the radius is given.

7 Circumference Worksheets in Metric Units
7 Circumference worksheets using the radis to find the circumference in centimeters.

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