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8 Circumference Worksheets

Find the Area and Circumference when the Radius is Given


Circumference worksheets. The answers are on the second page of the PDF. The radius is given, use the forumlas to calculate the area and the circumference of the various circles. Units are in inches.

1. Circumference Worksheet # 1

Circumference Worksheet # 1
D. Russell
You are given the radius for each of the circles on the exercises on these worksheets. You need to find the area and the circumference in inches. To check your work, you will find the answer on the second page of the PDF.

The circumference of a circle is the length around the circle which is equal to 360°. Pi Π is the number needed to compute the circumference of the circle.

p is equal to 3.14

To find the AREA of a circle, it is equal to 3.14 Π (p) times the radius (r) to the power of 2. The area of a circle formula looks like:

A= Π r2

Use the formulas given to answer the questions.

2. Circumference Worksheet # 2

Circumference Worksheet # 2
D. Russell
In the common core standards the following skill is required:

Know the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle and use them to solve problems; give an informal derivation of the relationship between the circumference and area of a circle.

In order for students to complete the worksheets, they will need to understand the following vocabulary: area, formula, circle, perimeter, radius, pi and the symbol for pi, diameter.

Students should have worked with simple formulas on perimeter and area of other 2 dimensional shapes. Students should have had some experience find the perimeter of a circle by doing activities like using string to trace the circle and then measuring the string to determine the perimeter of the circle. There are many calculators that will find the circumference and areas of shapes but it is important for students to be able to understand the concepts and apply the formulas before moving to the calculator.

3. Circumference Worksheet # 3

Circumference Worksheet # 3
D. Russell
Some teachers require students to memorize formulas. I do not think students need to memorize all the formulas, however, I think it's important to remember the value of the constant pi 3.14 (Even though Pi is 3.14159265358979323846264.... students should remember 3.14 and that it's infinite.

4. Circumference Worksheet # 4

Circumference Worksheet # 4
D. Russell
Students should be able to understand and apply the formulas to a few questions before using a basic calculator. However, basic calculators should be used once the concept is understood to eliminate the potential for calculation errors.

5. Circumference Worksheet # 5

Circumference Worksheet # 5
D. Russell
Curriculum varies from state to state, country to country and although this concept is required in the seventh grade in the Common Core Standards, it is wise to check the curriculum to determine what grade these worksheets are suitable for.
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