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Everything you wanted to know about mathematicians. Biographies, information, famous theorems and women mathematicians.
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Mathematicians and Biographies of Mathematicians
Mathematicians and Biographies of Mathematicians

A Short Biography of Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci
Fibonacci Biography. Leonardy Pisano Fibonacci.

De Moivre Biography
Famous mathematicians. De Moivre biography. deMoivre biography.

Euclid of Alexandria
Euclid's Elements. A biography of Euclid of Alexandria. Math biographies.

Joseph Louis Lagrange
Mathematicians Biographies. Joseph Louis Lagrange biography.

Joeseph Fourier
Joseph Fourier biography. Famous mathematician.

Karl Friedrich Gauss
A brief biography of the famous Gauss.

Maria Agnesi
A short biography of Maria Agnesi.

Pierre De Fermat
A short biography of Pierre de Fermat (pronounced Fair-mah)

135 of the Most Popular Mathematician Biographies
Pictures, biographies, birthplace locations and famous findings and writings.

17th and 18th Century Mathematicians
The lives and the works of the mathmaticians for the 17th and 18th century.

Chronological Index of Mathematicians
Mathematicians dating back as far as 1680 BC! An alphabetized index of the famous mathematicians.

Female Mathematicians
This site helps to eliminate the gender gap in math. A current and comprehensive list of the many female mathematicians.

First Ph.D.'s for Women Mathematicians
These women were the first to graduate with PH.D.'s in Mathematics from the US and Canada. Interesting biographies.

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