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How to Use Percentage


A percent is a value divided by 100. For example, 80% and 45% are equal to 80/100 and 45/100, respectively. Just as a percent is a portion of 100, an unknown is part of a whole.

Restaurants, retail stores, websites - these are the places where the ubiquitous percent resides.

Use this worksheet to learn how to use percents in real life.

1. Restaurant Tipping

Learn how to use proportions and percents to calculate a tip.

2. Commissions

Real estate agents, car dealers, and pharmaceutical sales representatives earn commissions. A commission is a percentage, or part, of sales. For example, a real estate agent earns a portion of the selling price of a house that she helps a client purchase or sell. A car dealer earns a portion of the selling price of an automobile that she sells.

Use this worksheet to learn the dollar amount of houses, cars, and sales representatives must realize to reach their commission goals.

3. Sales Tax

Learn to calculate sales tax with this worksheet.

4. Income Tax

Gnawing on a worker’s wages, income tax is an everyday example of percent decrease at work.  This article focuses on using percents to calculate disposable income, the amount of money that remains after paying federal income tax.

5. Percents Quiz

Are you percent savvy? Take the following quiz to discover how well you can apply percents to real life.

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