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I Scream for Ice Cream


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Scoop by Scoop Logic Problem (Solution next)
I Scream for Ice Cream

5 Scoop Ice Cream Cone

I have a 5 scoop ice cream cone. Each of my 5 scoops is a different flavor of ice cream. The five flavors are blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and bubble gum. You don't know what order my ice cream flavors are from top to bottom. However, here are some clues to see if you can figure out what flavors are from top to bottom:

1. The bottom flavor has 10 letters.
2. The vanilla scoop touches both the chocolate and blueberry scoop.
3. Vanilla is below the chocolate scoop but above the bubblegum scoop.

Can you apply some logic to figure out the order of scoops by flavor? (Solution next.)

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