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Calculating the Mean Worksheets


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Calculate the Mean Worksheet 1
Mean Average Worksheet

Mean Average Worksheet

D. Russell
Worksheet 1 in PDF

In statistics, you will encounter the mean, the median, the mode and the range. The mean average is one method of calculating an average. The mean, the mode and the median are all averages used for data sets such as population, sales, voting etc. Math curriculua typically introduces these concepts as early as the third grades and re-visits the concept annually. However, in the Common Core Standards for Math, these concepts are taught in the 6th grade.

The 5 worksheets here are practice worksheets in PDF format. Each worksheet contains ten questions which consist of sets of numbers between 1 and 99. Students are to calculate the mean for each set of numbers.

Sample questions from the worksheets:

1. 8, 3, 52, 48, 7, 78
Mean =

2. 6, 26, 92, 13, 3, 48
Mean =

3. 55, 22, 33, 59, 2, 4
Mean =

4. 7, 85, 9, 1, 67, 8
Mean =

5. 36, 2, 81, 83, 79, 2
Mean =

6. 62, 97, 16, 28, 3, 2
Mean =

7. 7, 53, 9, 39, 9, 36
Mean =

8. 8, 29, 64, 3, 7, 5
Mean =

9. 1, 6, 87, 26, 8, 1
Mean =

10. 18, 98, 9, 88, 59, 98
Mean =

To make questions like these relevant for learners. It is important to provide word problems that relate to the type of average. For instance, you may wish to give word problems that look like the following:

Three teams of students participated in a math competition that required various schools to send teams of students. In order to move on to the finals, each team had to have an average of 85% or better.

Team A's scores were: 92, 83, 87, 78 and 88.

85.6 Team B's scores were: 82, 99, 76, 79 and 80.

What is the mean average score of Team A?
What is the mean average score of Team B?

Do any teams qualify to go on to the math competition finals?
Which team qualifies to go on to the math competition finals?

Although having worksheets to support learning the concept are useful. It is also very important to determine if learners are able to apply the concept in authentic situations. Finding rich problems to support the concept is essential in math.

In the question above, students will be required to calculate the mean twice then compare the mean in order to answer the question. The student will discover even though team B had a higher mark, Team A in fact had a mean of 85.6 and therefore will be going to the finals.

Using report card grades to find averages, looking a samples of weather patterns to find precipitation averages or temperature averages are all excellent and authentic ideas to use in math problems that require finding the mean average.

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